You Should Come Again

You Should Come Again

In the “You Should Come Again” project, Stanimir Genov, known mostly for his paintings, challenges himself and the viewers with an experiment. On the one hand, he “paints” on a computer using only a code, completely excluding the motor habits of the hand. The way the image is presented is also changing. On the other hand, the viewer receives part of the picture and has to read it himself. This is done by moving and expanding his field of view, as each image has dimensions that exceed the screen size of the device by which it is viewed.

The picture is presented and created in the form of a website that is both media and exhibition space. In this way, the painting is not revealed through reproduction on the Internet, but uses the language of this platform to generate visual content.

“The most curious part of the project for me is hiding in the process. The physical body of painting is decomposed in the code rows. The instruments and the algorithm through which image crystallizes imply a completely different mental approach. I recognize it as being close to the way I associate the images with the stories they tell, at least as a sort of encoding and romanticizing the image of an event. They are the content that remains hidden behind the images and the titles.” St. Genov.

The transition from one image to another takes place by means of hidden links. Thus, the process of viewing the work develops over time, as well as in the space of the browser window, which is the viewer’s perspective. Its conditions add extra life to images. Different browsers read the code used to create the visible part of a website differently. This, together with the indirect process of “creation” of images, provides a bailiwick for happy coincidences and maintains the vitality of the process.

You can see the artwork HERE.