Exhibition / 2015

Exhibition / 2015

The Exhibition, created especially for the leading Bulgarian gallery in showing ainting. It features three series of works, Outside, I Want You in My Place and Other.

As a “universal artistic model”, it offers an extensive view of the artist’s internal landscape. The works, as in previous projects by Genov, lead a classical technique of high art use to the borderline territory of aesthetic excess. Without leaving, just the contrary, emphasizing the fineness as characterizing art, the author offers a new hierarchy in the traditional realia, coming from the cataclysms of contemporary society.

I Want You in My Place is the introductory part of the show, as it meets the audience in the first of several uncompleted halls of the gallery. This literal invitation introduces the viewer to the conditional space of the artists’ visual rendering of his personal experience. With the inconsistency of this invitation Genov challenges the subjective manner of creative work and attitude. Here, more as a conceptual gesture, but also as a process revealing a practice in painting that is simultaneously radical and primordial.

The Others unites a number of compositions of various format that demonstrate in practice this process of emancipation form the imagery in a very classical way, which however eloquently carries the thesis of a radical aesthetic actualization.

Yovo Panchev